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How does it work?

Remote or mobile ordering is when orders and payments are taken directly at the table using a mobile device (phones, tablets and special devices).

A waiter enters an order which is automatically forwarded to the bar and kitchen and preparation can begin immediately without waiting for the waiter to return to the bar.

While one order is being prepared, the waiter can continue taking orders from other customers. Fly is integrated with the Garson kitchen system and a vibration or sound notifies the waiter that an order is ready. This way the entire operation of the establishment speeds up and customer waiting time is reduced.

User interface

Mobile application have user interface you would expect (Garson order taking screens and graphic display of zones and tables) but its design is compliant with the Android operating system.

With its new design Garson Fly Android ensures comfortable ordering and payment collection via mobile devices, but also follows the design you are familiar with. The first version of Fly is available for installation.

garson fly interface

Why use mobile devices?

Garson LIVE

Mobile insight for managers

Promet po konobarima

Offer management staff a real-time insight into all the important aspects of daily operations via Android mobile devices

Insight into daily turnover according ti different criteria

  • turnover by waiters
  • turnover by payment methods
  • turnover by individual items
  • turnover by groups of items
  • best-selling items
  • best tables
  • best waiters

Summary of active orders

  • open tables
  • all the orders of one table

Overview of important events

  • cancellation of items and orders
  • billing
  • discount approval
  • change of payment method
  • issuance of fiscal reports


Analyse your operations at any time, any place

Operation overview interface

With the new Garson Analytics, restaurant owners are able to have insight into the happenings in their restaurant via their Android devices. They can get an overview of the current situation, as well as different overviews via an events archive.

Application is easy to use and has specially developed security system that prevents unauthorised access to your data.

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