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Although you could decide to use a simple POS system or fiscal till, in order to properly and reliably run your restaurant or club you need a system that you can administer and adapt to your business down to the very last detail.

Through years of development and collaboration with a large number of hospitality establishments, Garson Backoffice has grown into a system that can meet even the most complicated of user demands.

Garson Backoffice can be ordered in several versions depending on the complexity of the business and the needed functions.


  • System configuration for individual venues or for several venues within the same company
  • Customisation of products, services, price lists, standards, modifiers and additional item descriptions
  • Creation and setup of loyalty programmes
  • Sales analysis employing a wide range of parameters
  • Flexible warehouse operations
  • Overview of finances and reporting for owners and managers
  • Secure access to options and data
  • Separation of points of sales, production and management

System configuration

The software can be fine-tuned depending on the number of points of sale, work stations, stockrooms, product preparation locations and other parameters. This is how Garson meets the needs of different types of venues no matter whether an individual establishment or several establishments within the same company.

In addition to sales configuration, there are also many other settings: appearance of the establishment itself, the number and layout of tables, layout of items on the till, number and configuration of printers, format of letterhead and appearance of the documents that are printed (bills, orders, etc).

POS configuration

For each point of sale, items can be specially configured so that the groups and individual items that appear on the order screen match the needs of that particular point of sale.


Restaurant Layout

Based on your plan/sketch or from a recording of the establishment, we create for our users a picture of the zones that will be used for the table layout display on the points of sale.

zones and layouts

Items and services

Are items sold in units or litres? Is food prepared on the premises or not? Is it prepared at the same place where the stockroom with the ingredients is? Are minimal stocks needed for preparation? At how many locations is an item from one stockroom sold? Are there standards? Can half an item be sold? How is the price of a product formed and updated? Will we sell some other services/resources (venue hire, holding of events)?

When you think about what you will offer, you will no doubt ask yourself similar questions.

You can set up all of these, as well as other parameters which have not yet crossed your mind, in Garson when entering and recording items.

Modifiers - not all coffee is the same

Modifiers are additional descriptions of similar products. For example:

  • short or long coffee, with cream or milk, with more, less or no sugar
  • rare, medium or well-done steak
  • water chilled or not, with ice or lemon
  • pancake or ice-cream with chocolate or strawberry sauce
  • pizza with sweet or spicy ketchup, with or without oregano
  • or anything else that can be troublesome with similar orders

You can now easily define these variants and allow your waiters to enter similar items quickly and easily.

item description

Stock management

Linking stockrooms and points of sale allows information on the status of stock status to be up-to-date at all times, especially in cases where items are prepared and have their own ingredients and standards.

Because stocks are precisely monitored and all activities are recorded, the status and turnover of one or all the stockrooms combined can be viewed at any moment.

restaurant warehouse


Sales analysis

  • Which products are ordered the most, what do you earn on the most?
  • At which part of the day is turnover highest?
  • Which employees have the best performance and which make the most mistakes?
  • Which group of items brings in the most revenue?
  • What is the average turnover per customer, and how long on average does a customer stay in the establishment?
  • Which tables have the highest turnover?

These are just some of the questions to which the new Garson has the answers.


Reports give precise insight into the financial operations of establishments and trends that further allow improvement and optimisation of business processes and offers can be identified from analysing them.

Besides data related to the procurement of materials, you can also record different kinds of other costs in Garson, and you can also precisely tie in payments and out payments to your accounts. With these kinds of records, you can obtain quality reports that will cross check revenues and expenditure in the establishment.

Garson 6 comes with new reports for summary overviews and the analysis of different business parameters, carefully designed for owners and managers. In addition to Backoffice, these reports are also available in the Garson Analytics Android application.


Data security

Secure access to data is set with access type and level options in the software. A special feature in Garson is that these settings can be made at the level of individual items. This means that, as soon as the need arises, certain options can easily be approved/disabled for individual users or a group of employees.

In addition to controlling future access to data, already performed activities and data changes are also monitored.

With the help of these mechanisms, eventual errors are easily rectified and contested situations resolved (Who cancelled this bill? / Who closed the work day? /...)

Customers and loyalty

Garson Backoffice allows you to create your own loyalty programme. Set privileges that some of your customers can benefit from in your restaurant.

You can easily assign discounts, vouchers or deferred payment to individual or all customers. Customers can then take advantage of these benefits using an ID card or their phone.

Take it with you

Garson Backoffice operates as an independent application to Garson POS. This means it can be installed in the location that suits you the best: on the computer in the office in the same establishment, the owner or manager’s laptop, the company server in the head office or on an Internet provider’s server.

You can even view a part of your business on your phone. Take a look at how you can use Garson for mobile devices.

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